also, has there been any date to mfmm season 3?

downton abbey 5.01: okay so since this is my favourite show I think I have some things to say.

I am not completely displeased with how the current storylines for this seasons were introduced, nor I was with the episode overall. But it’s far from a good season premiére, if I may say so myself - of course it was edited in the way for us, the audience, to think so because it is. At least on the paper.

So I might get on with the good things on this episode. Of course, this is my personal, slightly analytical view, but it’s no more than an opinion. I’d very much like to discuss it further if you, the eventual reader of this post, may. I must remind you that I am not an historian nor I know a whole lot about the 20s in England, but I know one thing or two.

I have no opinion towards Robert, Cora and most of the staff. I didn’t expect much, and I wasn’t given much. Now onto the bad things.

Will this be a good season? I don’t know. The episode wasn’t boring, it was mediocre at best, but it is what you’d normaly expect from a Downton Abbey episode. I very much hope to see more of Mary, Edith, Tom, Carson & Elsie, Isobel and Baxter. I’m not displeased. I’m just a bit… concerned about how this show is taking itself.

With that, I end my rant. I will not put this under a read more, and I might move it to a da meta based blog that I might eventually do. The reason for this is that I want discussions to be made, to stirr up the fandom for a change.

Until next time.

how good was it? the episode? i’m downloading it now.

it is todaaaay.


you-came-into-my-thoughts replied to your post: i miss my days of sci-fi women obsessi…

Omg, Sarah Jane/Laura. Those were good days.

i know, right

i miss my days of sci-fi women obsession
remember sarah jane/laura
remember nina/magnus
remember sj/laura/nina/magnus


remember nina sharp
one of the scifi female characters of all time
always remember her sacrifice
her devotion
her mean parallel world self (who was as awesome)

remember nina sharp

Anna Chancellor as Lady Anstruther 

You cry a little and then you wait for the sun to come out.

It always does.